TRON and DAO Partnership to Develop the Blockchain Ecosystem



It’s difficult to label TRON’s Justin Sun as an underdog in the blockchain room. His technical capabilities could be limited in comparison to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin or Polkadot co-founder Gavin Woods. This does not, however, weaken him in his own ‘TRON universe.’ Against all odds, Sun appears to be strengthening its resolve to create a TRON foundation rich in technology and strategic alliances through strokes of brilliance.

The recent TRON collaboration with DAO Maker demonstrates the degree to which TRON is committed to expanding its blockchain ecosystem. This strategic alliance with DAO Maker would revitalize TRON, as DAO Maker will bring all of its cross-chain fundraising, incubation, and other growth-oriented resources into the TRON network, as well as the possibility of on-boarding retail-focused initiatives.

Christoph Zaknun founded DAO Maker in 2018. It was established with the sole purpose of offering an authentic funding framework for startups while also mitigating investor risk. DAO Maker has established itself as a company that develops growth technologies over time. Several of its core functions to date include community incubation, fundraising, support/technology provision for other tokenized businesses experiencing growth, and seamless integration of community growth-prone features such as social mining SaaS. Additionally, it provides DYCO & SHO for upcoming venture bonds, fundraising support, and yield to ensure that investors prosper in a completely safe climate.

TRON, on the other hand, has a leg up on the competition in the blockchain room, serving as a dedicated public blockchain for accelerating the adoption of decentralized internet technologies. TRON was founded in 2017 by Sun and has remained on top of their game by delivering incredible achievements to their followers. TRON is one of the most promising blockchain ventures in the industry, having been listed on over 130 exchanges worldwide. With the audacious goal of ‘Decentralizing the Web,’ TRON takes pride in getting over 30 billion users and over 1.8 billion blockchain transactions. TRON had an incredible year in 2018 with the introduction of its main net, TRON virtual machine, TRON network independence, and the acquisition of BitTorrent; a completely decentralized pioneer service that boosted TRON’s active user base to over 100 million.

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Sun, the founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent, said the following about this strategic partnership: “We’re thrilled to be collaborating with an industry pioneer like DAO Maker to bring cross-chain community incubation and fundraising to TRON. This collaboration demonstrates TRON’s dedication to its community to extend the blockchain’s functionality through world-class strategic collaborations.”

This new collaboration benefits both TRON and DAO, as DAO creator is spreading its reach beyond the Ethereum blockchain by adding over 100,000 active users daily, thereby accelerating adoption and promoting wealth growth.

On the other side, existing and future TRON-based ventures would gain increased momentum, funding, and public confidence.

In exchange, DAO Makers are provided with opportunities such as access to TRON’s growing community and vibrant ecosystem, as well as vice versa. DAO Maker, which is well-known for its Strong Holder Offerings, will allow unrestricted access for projects built on TRON to raise funds through their proprietary SHO. This will undoubtedly favor the DAO Maker group, as they will have access to more SHO ventures.

As pioneers in the crypto space, they have both made significant advancements in the area of decentralized finance. DAO Maker has established itself as the leading launchpad in the DeFi space, while TRON has partnered with and received funding from a slew of crypto-space heavyweights. DAO Maker will incrementally improve the opportunities and expand the possibilities for the TRON ecosystem.

Along with the exciting work being done at DAO Maker, a new trading competition in collaboration with OKEx has been introduced, offering exciting prizes. OKEx is one of the most reputable and trustworthy trading platforms available. This announcement comes just days after DAO Maker’s native token was listed on the OKEx trading platform.

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